LEAGUE RULES 2019 –  as amended at  AGM November 2018


The Brunel Petanque League Rules shall be those of the English Petanque Association (Playing Rules) save where added to or modified below.


1. The League shall be one division with all teams playing each other once . It shall be the responsibility of the League secretary to issue the fixture list.


2. A team must consist of a minimum of 6 players in any league match.


3. Any player having participated in a Brunel League match at any time during the season may not represent any other team playing in the league during the entire duration of that same season.


4. In each league match teams will play : -                                                                                                     

1st  Round :-  3 Doubles                                                                                           

2nd Round :-  2 Triples                                                                                                  

3rd  Round :-  2 Reverse Triples

5. Players may be substituted between games  & not during games.

 The away teams will stay on the same piste during the triples.

 There can be no transfer of players between the triples of the same team.


6.  Where a Qualified Health & Safety Officers are present they are to carry out a risk assessment on their home piste and inform all players of the risk before commencement of play. ( This rule is subject to confirmation )


7. Matches must start NO LATER than - Week-days at 7.30pm – Sundays at 12.30 pm

By mutual agreement captains may vary the start time of Sunday matches or play on a Saturday.  Names of all players taking part in a league match must be recorded on the scorecard.


8. Captains must ensure there are no undue delays between rounds and score cards should be completed as soon as practical to ensure continuity.


9. Smoking (including the use of electronic smoking devices} is not permitted during play.  Any player drinking during play must ensure that their glasses, cans etc are placed carefully to prevent any chance of breakage.


10. All league matches will be timed, using a digital timer, to 40 minutes + 1 end. The end being    played at 40 minutes (an end is deemed to be completed and a new end commenced once a new jack, legal or not, is thrown) will be completed then, if neither team has reached 13 points, one additional end is played and the game is then determined. Should the additional end be declared a “dead end“ no further play ensues and game result is recorded at the scores of the previous end.


11.  Play should be continuous. Any player leaving the piste during a game must notify the opposition. Play should be suspended until the player's return and time lost will be added to the 40 minutes game timing.


12. If during a league match there are any disputes concerning the rules of play etc., it shall be the responsibility of both captains to report the matter to the league secretary. If no eventual agreement can be reached the ultimate decision of the Officers shall be final.  


13. Both captains shall be responsible for agreeing to the total points scored in each game. The result for any match shall be determined by the number of games won, with 1 point scored for each game and half a point each for a tied game, both captains must sign the score sheet


14. It shall be the responsibility of the home captain to email the match results to or text to the secretary & chairman within 24 hours after the match date. If the result of any match, or the decision to postpone is not reported within this same timescale, then after the issue of a formal warning, the match shall be declared void and no points will be assigned to that match.


15. A match may be postponed if :-

a)  One captain is unable to field a full team. In this case at least 24 hours notice must be given to the opposing captain

b)  There are adverse weather conditions or other exceptional circumstances and both captains agree to the postponement. Both captains are then responsible for finding a mutually agreeable alternative date within the Period to play the match. If this proves impossible then the match shall be declared void and no League Points awarded to either team.

c)  If a match has been canceled the team responsible for the cancelation shall be offered three dates which shall be within 14 Days of the original match date, if the match is not played within the 14 day time period the team that canceled shall forfeit & the other team be awarded seven points.


16. Matches must be played within the scheduled Period.   Any dispute about responsibility for a match not being played within the scheduled Period shall be reported in writing to the League Secretary by both teams . The decision of the Officers shall be final.


 17. Should any team consider that exceptional circumstances have prevented a match from being completed by the end of the Period the Team Captain may apply to the League Secretary for an “exceptional circumstances extension”. This must be submitted in writing and include the reasons for the request which shall then be considered by the Officers of the League.  If the Officers agree to grant an extension the League Secretary shall issue a new date by which the match must be played, no further extensions being permitted.  If the request is refused the match shall be declared void.


18. If a team is unable to play a game on the scheduled piste, the captain should inform the Secretary of the situation.  If the Officers of the League feel that the team is justified in its decision, for example the piste is in an unsafe condition, they will seek a third party Brunel piste on which the game should be played.


19. Team positions in the league tables shall be determined

       a)  by the number of League points gained.

       b)  if 2 or more teams are equal on league points, then by the greater     number of matches  won.                                     

       c)  should 2 or more teams still remain equal, then by the difference in the total number of game points “for and against“


20. The League committee shall organise a Knockout Competition, open to all member teams.

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